Structured Water: 6 ways To Improve It

Structured Water: 6 ways To Improve It

Welcome to my blog “Structured Water: 6 ways To Improve It.”

Listen to Dr. Pollack himself discuss the 6 ways to improve it:

Structured Water: 6 ways To Improve It

  1. Drink more water – yes it starts here!
  2. Juicing – the juice from plants by steps the process of having to make this type of water.
  3. Sunlight – the infrared from sunlight is going to help structure water.
  4. Sauna – you’re immersing yourself in heat, which is essentially the same as infrared energy.
  5. Turmeric/ghee/coconut water. Ghee seems to be the most powerful. Perhaps this is a key mechanism by which these well known foods/drinks support our health – something we’ve known for generations!
  6. Earthing – connecting to the earth with your skin. Earthing has 19 clinical studies behind it and has been found to improve wound healing, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, balance the autonomic nervous system, and much more! Watch Carrie Bennet explain what earthing is below.

What Is Earthing?

You can watch the full episode with Dr. Pollack here.

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