High Methane In Breath Test At Baseline May Indicate Vitamin B12 Shortage

  Conclusions: HM baseline emission in breath mirrors a complex situation of the human physiology, including vitamin B12 shortage and increased formate levels in the GIT. Higher formate levels were earlier, and independently from methane breath analyses, correlated with positive foetal development, T cell activation, a lean phenotype, and cardiovascular function. Thus, the correlation of

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Psychedelics As Anti-Inflammatory Agents: A New Hope

Welcome to my blog post ‘Psychedelics As Anti-Inflammatory Agents: A New Hope’. Feel free to check out the dedicated section of my blog to pscyehdelics, click here. How Psychedelics Work? Microdosing: What, How, Why, When  Psychedelics As A Novel Approach To Treating Autoimmune Conditions Overall, psychedelics regulate inflammatory pathways via novel mechanisms, and may represent

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Researched Supplements For Fibromyalgia

Welcome to my blog post ‘The Most Researched Supplements For Fibromyalgia ‘. You may like to check out my other blog: Fibromyalgia: A Functional Medicine Approach Fibromyalgia: What’s The Best Diet And Can It Be Reversed? Muscle pain has been associated with deficiencies in amino acids, magnesium, selenium, vitamins B and D, as well as

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