Endometriosis: A Functional Medicine Approach

symptoms of endometriosis

Welcome to my blog “Endometriosis: A Functional Medicine Approach” What Is Endometriosis? Endometriosis is a chronic, estrogen-dependent gynecological condition affecting approximately 10% of reproductive age women. Its prevalence rises to approximately 20% to 50% in women with pelvic pain or infertility. The most widely accepted current theory is that of retrograde menstruation. Recent reports suggest

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The Microbiome And The Menopause

the microbiome and the menopause

The Microbiome And The Menopause. You may also like to read my other articles on methane: Methane SIBO: Not Always A Bad Thing High Methane At Baseline In SIBO Breath Test May Indicate B12 Deficiency Methane SIBO Breath Test: Is It Being Misunderstood The female gut microbiome is intrinsically linked to estrogen levels, menopausal state

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