High Methane In Breath Test At Baseline May Indicate Vitamin B12 Shortage

  Conclusions: HM baseline emission in breath mirrors a complex situation of the human physiology, including vitamin B12 shortage and increased formate levels in the GIT. Higher formate levels were earlier, and independently from methane breath analyses, correlated with positive foetal development, T cell activation, a lean phenotype, and cardiovascular function. Thus, the correlation of

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Functional Medicine Approach

Mitochondrial Dysfunction Causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recent reports point toward a central metabolic defect in CFS, which affects aerobic energy production in mitochondria, leading to a diminished production of ATP and excessive lactate generation upon exertion. You may find this book, click here, helpful. Can A Viral Infection Cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Viral infections have been associated

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Methane: The misunderstood gas?

What About High Baseline Methane Levels In a Breath Test? It is thought this might be caused by imbalances in the oral microbiome, stomach microbiome or be indicative of severe constipation. How Do You Treat High Methane SIBO? So the question becomes does this change how we support a client when they have a positive

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SIBO: What Causes It?

When we think about the causes of SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) we need to start with the question: What are our natural internal defence mechanisms for preventing SIBO? I think it is Dr. Siebecker who stated: One should always search for factors which could have caused the occurrence of the disease Protection Against SIBO

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Fasting And The Microbiome

Meal frequency, and fasting are easy ways to support gut health and our microbiome. Let's explore some of the research in this topic. Meal Frequency & Fasting A regular meal pattern including breakfast consumption, consuming a higher proportion of energy early in the day, reduced meal frequency (i.e., 2–3 meals/day), and regular fasting periods may [...] Continue reading »

Grounding: Why should I do it?

What is Grounding? Grounding, or Earthing, is the act of connecting directly with the Earth. Very rarely in our day to day lives do our naked feet actually touch the Earth anymore, we now opt instead to wear shoes and sleep on beds that separate us from the ground. Thousands of years ago we would

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Holotropic Breathwork

I recently attended a day-long workshop in Holotropic Breathwork, organised by Holotropic UK. Holotropic means ‘becoming whole’. And that is certainly what I felt during my first holotropic breathwork session. There were 18 of us attending and after an introduction to the day we partnered up, with one of us ‘breathing’ in the morning, the

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