Fasting And The Microbiome

Meal frequency, and fasting are easy ways to support gut health and our microbiome. Let's explore some of the research in this topic. Meal Frequency & Fasting A regular meal pattern including breakfast consumption, consuming a higher proportion of energy early in the day, reduced meal frequency (i.e., 2–3 meals/day), and regular fasting periods may [...] Continue reading »

Spiritual Intelligence & Resilience

In today’s blog I want to summarise a paper that explored spiritual intelligence & resilience. I have previously blogged about spirituality which may be helpful to read first, click here to read it.  Just one of the definitions I used in my first blog on spirituality was: Spirituality is a personal search for meaning and purpose

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7C Model of Resiliency

In my first article I introduced the concept of resilience, and in a recent article I discussed potential barriers to resilience. In this article I want to discuss ways we can enhance our resilience, specifically through the 7C model of resiliency. The 7C Model Of Resilience Control: Having sense of control/autonomy of our lives has been

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COVID-19 Summary

Introduction The epidemic broke out first in Wuhan, China, possibly related to a seafood market. Several studies suggested that bat may be the potential reservoir of SARS-CoV-2. What Are The Symptoms? The clinical symptoms of COVID-19 patients include fever, cough, fatigue and a small population of patients appeared gastrointestinal infection symptoms. The elderly and people

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Self-Complexity & Resilience

In my previous post I discussed some barriers to Resilience. In this post I actually want to discuss a topic that has been discussed in the research to potentially enhance, but also possibly reduce our resilience – self-complexity. What does self-complexity mean? Identifying with yourself, through a variety of means. For example I am a husband, son,

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Barriers To Resilience

In my previous post I introduced the concept of Resilience and suggested some of the many ways to enhance our resilience. In this post I actually want to highlight barriers to resilience. There is an easy way to structure our thinking and health an dis-ease….what do I need to add more of, and, what do

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One of the most important terms in health, and in my opinion, a term not discussed enough – not with any specificity anyway. Ultimately, when we are seeking improvement in our health, at some level, we are talking about improving our resilience. But a deeper understanding of the term may help us create a more

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Boy vs Man Psychology

Boy vs Man Psychology In the book ‘King, Warrior, Magician, Lover‘ the authors do a great job of breaking down the masculine psyche. An incredibly helpful passage discussed the differences between boy vs man psychology. And this is the topic of today’s blog. However, in order to do this we need to touch on the structure of

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