The Science of Pain with Dede Nazareth

Chronic Pain with Dede Nazareth

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Chronic Pain with Dede Nazareth

The Science of Pain with Dede Nazareth

In episode #16 of The Alex Manos Podcast I speak with Functional Medicine Practitioner and Osteopath Dede Nazareth.

Dede shares with us the science behind pain with topics including:


  • What is pain?
  • What is neuroplasticity and how does this relate to pain?
  • Specifcity theory – Cartesion idea of pain
  • Pat Wall and Ron Melzack-Gate Control Theory of Pain
  • Neuromatrix or pain matrix and IASP definition of pain
  • Nociception-from the periphery to the spinal cord
  • 3 components of the pain experience
  • Systems involved in pain
  • Brain regions involved in pain processing
  • Patterning – how our brain learns
  • Tissue healing-normal or acute injury process


Her website is: she doesn’t have one! I love this!

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  • Chronic Pain: Where the Body Meets the Brain: click here
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