Mould & Mycotoxins with Oliver Barnett

Mould & Mycotoxins with Oliver Barnett

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Mould & Mycotoxins with Oliver Barnett

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Mould & Mycotoxins with Oliver Barnett

In episode #22 of The Alex Manos Podcast I speak with Functional Medicine Practitioner Oliver Barnett, director of The London Clinic of Nutrition. We discuss the potential impact that mould and mycotoxins play in those suffering with chronic health conditions – what some refer to as ‘sick-building syndrome’.

Mycotoxins are toxic compounds that are naturally produced by certain types of moulds – both those found in our food supply and those found in water damaged buildings.

“Occupants of water-damaged buildings (WDBs) with evidence of microbial amplification often describe a syndrome involving multiple organ systems, commonly referred to as “sick building syndrome” (SBS), following chronic exposure to the indoor air. Studies have demonstrated that the indoor air of WDBs often contains a complex mixture of fungi, mycotoxins, bacteria, endotoxins, antigens, lipopolysaccharides, and biologically produced volatile compounds.” (Shoemaker, 2006)

A key question to ask ourselves, or a client, therefore is whether our/their symptoms started (or worsened) when moving to a new property.

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