Episode #56 Mindfulness, connection and choices with David Behrens

Alex Manos Podcast David Behrens

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Alex Manos Podcast David Behrens

About This Episode 

In episode #56 of The Alex Manos Podcast I speak with David Behrens.

David specialises in Mindfulness and Meditation programmes for Mental and Emotional Health, Stress Management and Resilience, and Freedom from Addictive Behaviours.

David brings a wealth of expertise from nearly 30 years as a teaching monk at an international retreat site and school of yoga in India, where, in addition to years of personal meditation practice, he taught meditation retreats and studied eastern and yogic philosophies, ayurvedic medicine and nutrition. He is also an advanced practitioner of homeopathy.

David has kindly provide his contact details which are:

  • davidbehrens108@yahoo.com
  • 07812391751

David’s website where his programs can be found is: https://www.stevegranthealth.com/team/david/

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