Episode #52 Lymphatics Part 2 with Dr. Perry Nickelston

The Lymphatic System with Dr. Perry Nickelston

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The Lymphatic System with Dr. Perry Nickelston

About This Episode 

Due to popular demand in episode #52 of The Alex Manos Podcast I once again speak with Dr. Perry Nickelston.

We continue our talk on the lymphatic system and branch out to talk about the mind-body connection.

Perry’s website is: https://www.stopchasingpain.com

Links For This Episode:

  • The Lymphatic System in Health and Disease: click here.
  • Lymphatic system acts as a vital link between metabolic syndrome and inflammation: click here.
  • Lymphatic system and gut microbiota affect immunopathology of neuroinflammatory diseases, including multiple sclerosis, neuromyelitis optica and Alzheimer’s disease: click here
  • An overview of lymphatic vessels and their emerging role in cardiovascular disease: click here
  • The Lymphatic System in Obesity, Insulin Resistance, and Cardiovascular Diseases: click here.
  • The Lymphatic System in Disease Processes and Cancer Progression: click here.
  • Lymphatic System Flows: click here.

Perry is teaching in the U.K on July the 18th and 19th, click here for details.

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