Episode #7 Leaky Gut & Inflammation with Dr. Macciochi

Alex Manos Podcast Jenna Macciochi

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Alex Manos Podcast Jenna Macciochi

Leaky gut and inflammation

In episode #7 of The Alex Manos Podcast I speak with Dr. Macciochi on immunity, leaky gut and silent/low-grade inflammation. A key take away from this conversation is around meal frequency and its role in reducing the inflammatory load, something that is becoming increasingly important in the modern world.

Dr. Macciochi discusses the role of micronutrients (especially vitamins A & D), and, the role of dietary fibre in supporting a healthy gut-immune system. Dietary fibre increases the production of short chain fatty acids, which help maintain the integrity of the gut barrier, as well as helping regulate T-regulatory cells which help maintain a well regulated immune system as they have been shown to suppress the responses of other immune cells, including those that promote inflammation.

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