Gut Health with Ben Brown

Gut Health with Ben Brown

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Gut Health with Ben Brown

Gut Health with Ben Brown, ND – About This Episode

In episode #13 of The Alex Manos Podcast I speak with Ben Brown on gut health. We discuss common underlying causes of IBS including bacterial imbalances in the large intestine, pancreatic function, SIBO, parasitic infections, stress, the gut-brain axis. We also start to discuss how lifestyle can positively or negatively influence gut health. Examples discussed include our circadian rhythm, stress levels, and exercise.

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Helpful Papers:

  • Prevalence and predictors of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in irritable bowel syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis: click here
  • New insights in IBS-like disorders: Pandora’s box has been opened; a review. Click here
  • Microbiota, gastrointestinal infections, low-grade inflammation, and antibiotic therapy in irritable bowel syndrome: an evidence-based review, click here
  • The role of inflammation in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): click here
  • The gut microbiome and irritable bowel syndrome: click here
  • The Gut-Brain Axis and the Microbiome: Clues to Pathophysiology and Opportunities for Novel Management Strategies in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Click here
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