Episode #5 Autoimmune Disease & Infections with Robyn Puglia

Alex Manos Podcast Robyn Puglia

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Alex Manos Podcast Robyn Puglia

About This Episode

In episode #5 of The Alex Manos Podcast I speak with Robyn Puglia (IFMCP) on the role infections play in autoimmune disease. We discuss the immune system and how a genetic predisposition is more related to antigen (infection) presentation and the immune/inflammatory response.

Robyn mentions the epstein barr virus and candida as examples of common infections that may contribute to autoimmunity. One of the reasons for this being that they are found in the vast majority of us. And so these are also examples of why context is so important – why are they so problematic in some of us, but not others?

We discuss the resilience of the individual being key here. What influences our resilience and thus our vulnerability? Our entire life story! Childhood stressors, medications (such as antibiotics), sleep, diet, stress, relationships, our social status, and all other components of lifestyle. They all help determin whether an infection/organism has the ability to initiate autoimmune mechanisms.

As a result, we also start discussing the role of stress, gut health, sleep and exercise play in supporting those with autoimmunity.

These topics will be discussed in detail in later episodes.

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Robyn’s website is: www.robynpuglia.com.

Episode Links

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Tests To Consider:

These are listed for educational purposes only, an to support practitioners following the podcast. Please consult your healthcare practitioner before completing any testing.

  • Comprehensive stool testing: Available from Genova Diagnostics and Invivo Clinical
  • Viral Testing: Available from Invivo Clinical
  • SIBO testing: Available from Invivo Clinical
  • Lyme testing: Available from Armin Labs
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