Episode #33 The Gut Microbiome & Autoimmune Disease With Farzanah Nasser

Alex Manos Podcast Farzanah Nasser

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Alex Manos Podcast Farzanah Nasser

About This Episode

In episode #33 of The Alex Manos Podcast I speak with  Functional Medicine Practitioner Farzanah Nasser about the gut microbiome and autoimmune disease.

We discuss:

  • The role of the gut microbiota in autoimmune disease and immune modulation.
  • The importance of exercise in improving gut health.
  • The impact stress may have on immune immune function.
  • The importance of time in nature.
  • The triad of autoimmunity.

Farzanah’s website is: https://www.loveinsideout.co.uk/about/

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