Curcumin For Ochratoxin A Induced Kidney Damage

Welcome to my blog post ‘Curcumin For Ochratoxin A Induced Kidney Damage’. This blog assumes you are up to speed with what mycotoxins are, the signs and symptoms of mycotoxin illness, and how to test for them. If not, you may also be interested in the section of my blog dedicated to mycotoxins, click here, in particular:

Ochratoxin A And Kidney Disease?

Ochratoxin A  (OTA) is a well-known and widely spread mycotoxin all over the world, which exerts dangerous effects on human and animal health. Therefore, it is crucial to examine the toxic effects of OTA and to protect from its damage. The kidney is one of the most vulnerable target organs of OTA-induced toxicity.

According to the scientific data currently available, the mechanism of action still is not completely clarified, but it is supposed that oxidative stress is responsible for OTA-induced nephrotoxicity.

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Curcumin For Ochratoxin A Induced Kidney Damage

The administration of curcumin has been shown to attenuate oxidative stress and prevents glomerular hyperfiltration. Furthermore, kidney histological tests show a reduction in glomerular and tubular damage, inflammation and tubulointerstitial fibrosis. This study shows that curcumin can mitigate OTA–induced oxidative damage in the kidneys.

Several studies demonstrate that curcumin has numerous antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties

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