Episode #36 The Oral Microbiome With Pete Williams

Exercise And Functional Medicine with Pete Williams

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Exercise And Functional Medicine with Pete Williams

About This Episode – Oral Microbiome

In episode #36 of The Alex Manos Podcast I speak with  Functional Medicine Practitioner, and founder of Functional Medicine Associates in London, Pete Williams. We have a conversation on the importance of the oral microbiome, and oral health, and how this impacts systemic health.

Pete does a fantastic job of breaking down the science on this topic, explaining the importance of maintaining healthy and intact barriers (think not only about leaky gut, but leaky veins, leaky blood vessels and leaky blot-brain barrier), as well as all the things we can consider to optimise this area of our health.

We discuss:

  • The connection between the oral health and various conditions including depression and other mood-based conditions, Alzheimer’s, obesity and type two diabetes and chronic low grade inflammation.
  • Testing options to explore oral health including saliva swabs to both look at our genetics, and how they may relate to what’s going on, as well as the oral microbiome itself.
  • Therapeutic interventions around maintaining good oral health including dietary considerations, toothpastes, meal frequency and much more.

Pete’s website is: https://www.functional-medicine.associates

Episode Links

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