What Causes Brain Fog? And How Can I Get Rid Of It?


What Is Brain Fog?

Brain fog is a constellation of symptoms that include reduced cognition, inability to concentrate and multitask, as well as loss of short and long term memory.

What’s Associated With Brain Fog?

It characterises patients with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), celiac disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, mastocytosis, and postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS), as well as “minimal cognitive impairment,” an early clinical presentation of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and other neuropsychiatric disorders.

What Causes Brain Fog?

Brain “fog” may be due to inflammatory molecules, including adipocytokines and histamine released from mast cells (MCs) further stimulating microglia activation, and causing focal brain inflammation. .

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How Do You Get Rid Of Brain Fog?

Recent reviews have described the potential use of natural flavonoids for the treatment of neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases. The nutrient luteolin has numerous useful actions that include: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, microglia inhibition, neuroprotection, and memory increase.

A liposomal luteolin formulation in olive fruit extract improved attention in children with ASDs that also suffered from BF.

Studies have demonstrated that the removal of gluten may be helpful in improving BF.

Ultimately we need to understand the underlying cause of immune dysregulation and inflammation. Common causes include:

  • Food reactions
  • Poor gut health
  • Chronic stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • A chronic infection

Due to research discussing histamines role in brain fog, we can speculate that other anti-histamine agents such as vitamin C and quercetin may have some benefit also. This may help manage the symptom while the underlying imbalance causing the fog in the first place, is restored.

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Clear Brain Fog Instantly

An effective way to clear it up (at least in the short term) is cold exposure. I have now had several clients who have reported that cold showers or dips in the ocean immediately clear their fog. Some of these clients are suffering to the level of conversations being challenging.

It is thought this is because cold exposure activates the vagus nerve which provides an anti-inflammatory benefit, thus calming any brain inflammation that might be contributing to this symptom.


So we can consider an elimination diet, gut health, immune status and inflammation as underlying contributory factors.

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Is there anything else you have found helps?


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