Work with Alex

Work with Alex

Don’t worry, I have worked with clients from the U.S, Canada, Australia, Chile, France, Portugal, Spain and South Africa.  Don’t hesitate to reach out wherever you are.

Below are a list of my available services. Health is a journey, it is not a destination, and it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Optimising our health often requires incremental change and thus regular contact with a coach/mentor, over an extended period of time, is often the most effective way for us to achieve our goals.

So working with me is a collaboration. We walk alongside one another, exploring all facets of life and how they might be supporting, or inhibiting, optimal health.

I appreciate this isn’t always possible and thus I offer a range of options in the hope one fits your current circumstances and needs.

Functional Movement Analysis

A two-hour functional movement assessment with a personalised program to help optimise health and performance.


1.5-Hour Online Consult

Consult with Alex with a one-off consult. Please note there is no ongoing support with this option.


Day Immersion

I’ll spend a full day with you, optimising everything about your home and life. This is perfect for those looking to gain the edge they need at work or in sport.


3 Month Program

A three consultation package with e-mail support.


Health Optimisation Program

Annual Contract

Once a week over a year, you will have access to all of my knowledge on nutrition, functional medicine, movement, life coaching and spirituality.


Health Optimisation Program

Six Months

Once a week over 6 months, you will have access to all of my knowledge on nutrition, functional medicine, movement, life coaching and spirituality.


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