The Turkish Get Up

The Turkish Get Up, also known simply as the TGU, is one of my favourite exercises.

At first look, it does seem an odd exercise and you may wonder how it would be of benefit in a training programme. But not only can the TGU be used as part of training it can also be used as an assessment tool to highlight imbalances in your movement. The majority of us have asymmetries, the TGU will help you find these.

Those of you who know me know that I encourage all my clients to tune in to their bodies – to learn what foods make you feel your best. But this also applies to movement. For example people mention feeling better after a session that includes movements such as TGUs and kettle bell swings than they do from movements like a bench press and a deadlift. That’t not to say these aren’t fantastic exercises – it’s just an experience.

So as well as highlighting imbalances what does the TGU do?

Well the TGU lays many foundations. It requires adequate mobility, stability, coordination and strength. These are all essential components of healthy movement. As always form is the priority so start light and slowly build to a heavier kettlebell. Check out the video from Centuar Gym which I posted in 2013 to see where it can take you!

So why not have some fun with a new movement and explore the Turkish Get Up!

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