I challenge you to read the entirety of this blog, watch all the videos, and NOT want to sign up for StrongFirst next year. See you there!

Strength has a purpose, not just to make people stronger but to change their lives, when new instructors leave their certification  they have a responsibility to ensure they take the values of StrongFirst to their clients and that they change their lives and teach that strength has a purpose………You are obligated as a member of this community to live by a code of conduct and to carry the message – a message of strength and a message of development


Where to begin!?

I have blogged before about the importance of continual development, the importance of belonging to a community, having a purpose in life and generally seeking excellence. In fact researchers believe these are important in living a long healthy life.

The last 4 days I have spent time with some of the most inspiring, motivated, committed, caring and passionate people I have EVER met and the experience has only reinforced this mentality.

So, firstly what have I been up to over the last 4 days?

What I’ve been up to

I’ve been on the StrongFirst certification in Harlow for three days and learning from world renowned strength coach Dan John (he was my team leader during the certification and I also attended a days workshop with him learning about his principles of training)

What is strong First?

It is hard to describe just what StrongFirst is and so I have borrowed some words from the likes of Paul McIlroy, David Whitely and  Damian McIlroy.

“StrongFirst is a principe based school of strength which refuses to compromise its integrity and principles in the pursuit of strength…’s not just a certification, it’s not just a selfish pursuit of ego, it’s elite but not elitist.”

“You learn things about yourself that you had no idea dwelled within you”

“People come here with a shared passion –  to either help other people, to make themselves stronger, to improve the quality of their lives and the people around them. Because of this you make friendships in the StrongFirst community that will probably last a life time.”

Paul explains in one of the below videos that “if you build something on a sold enough foundation, it will be with you for the rest of your life and thats what StrongFirst is – its about having a strong foundation.”

Having completed the certification I can only re-emphasise the wise words of Paul, Damian and  David. The four days have increased and reinforced my sense of purpose, it has increased my sense of belonging to a community, it has increased my desire to be a stronger athlete, to develop as a person, but most importantly, it has inspired me to keep balance in my life. To live by the code of conduct, to help others achieve their goals, it is so important that I am refreshed, healthy and achieving my goals. This is one reason why I write fewer blog posts these days.

It is because of all these factors, you step out of the certification as a better person. “The values that are taught will stand you in good stead not just for today but for the rest of your life”.

I know that over the next few weeks I will be seeing some of my new friends – be it to train together or to simply catch up over a coffee and see what’s going on in their lives.

If you are interested in a challenge, if you want to feel like you belong to a community, if you want support in your pursuit or strength and excellence, then I cannot recommend joining the StrongFirst family.

One of the key take home messages 

Dan Jon in his workshop, and really the StrongFirst instructors all weekend, talked about the importance of mastery – mastering fundamental movement. I completely agree – too many of us are looking to lift heavy weight without having actually mastered the movement first. As we all know this increases risk of injury which decreases the likelihood you’ll ever lift to your true potential.

This ties in with a problem many of us experience with our goals in health and fitness – we want success NOW. We need to appreciate that it has essentially taken our entire life to get in the state of health we are currently in. If you haven’t exercised for the last 10 years, if you haven’t prioritised your nutrition, if you haven’t managed your stress levels effectively (the list could go on) you cannot expect to revolutionise your health in a month or even a few months.

As Paul discussed laying the foundations of strength, we need to lay the foundations of health. We need to take ownership of our journey in this life, and this needs to happen now.

So ask yourself, what would you like to create in this lifetime? What is it you want to achieve? Take some time on this – this isn’t something you decide in a couple of minutes.

Once you’ve made that decision start thinking about:

  • What you need start doing….
  • What you need to stop doing…
  • What you need to do more of….
  • What do you need to do less of…..

…to achieve this.

If you want to learn any more about the StrongFirst experience then check out the videos below and feel free to contact me!

I will be signing up for the level two certification and continuing my pursuit of strength. I would be honoured to help you in yours.

There are several other videos – these can be found here.
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