Episode #15 HeartMath with Gavin Adrews

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About This Episode

In episode #15 of The Alex Manos Podcast I speak with Managing Director of HeartMath UK, Gavin Andrews.

Gavin shares with us the science behind the HeartMath system, a method to develop coherence, the role and importance of emotional regulation within health, disease and behavioural change….and so much more!

Their website is: www.heartmath.co.uk

Episode Links

  • Cardiac coherence, self-regulation, autonomic stability, and psychosocial well-being: click here
  •  New Frontiers in Heart Rate Variability and Social Coherence Research: Techniques, Technologies, and Implications for Improving Group Dynamics and Outcomes: click here
  • Intuitive Intelligence, Self-regulation, and Lifting Consciousness: click here
  • Heart Rate Variability: New Perspectives on Physiological Mechanisms, Assessment of Self-regulatory Capacity, and Health risk: click here
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