The Montmorency Cherry And Pomegranates

As many as you know I am a big fan of two products, which are both staples in my own fridge – cherry active and pomegranate juice.

Why you may ask?

Let’s start with Montmorency cherries. These ‘superfruits’ are rich in antioxidants and contain potent, naturally-occuring phytonutrients which have been linked to a variety of health benefits. Research suggests consumption of Montmorency cherries may help reduce inflammation and ease pain in arthritis and gout, offer protection against heart disease and certain cancers, reduce the risk of diabetes and insulin resistance, help maintain healthy sleep patterns, maintain healthy brain and cognitive function and speed recovery rates after training.

Pomegranate juice has also been linked with significant health benefits. Research suggests pomegranate may reduce systolic blood pressure, lower blood sugar, increase glutathione levels (the body’s main antioxidant), have anti-inflammatory effects, support detoxification and offer protection from certain cancers including breast, prostate, colon and lung cancers.

Where can I buy them?
Montmorency cherries can be found in the product cherry active: Cherry Active

Pomegranate juice can be bought in your local supermarket but not look for a product which is organic and not from concentrate. This is the one I recommend: Biona Pomegranate Juice

Treat yourself today!

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