Microbiome Tests

I have co-founded Healthpath as a way for the public to have access to the most advanced functional testing, including a comprehensive microbiome test. We also provide education and clinical support to health care practitioners in the U.K.

Comprehensive Microbiome Test

Measures: microbiome diversity, specific bacteria, candida species, parasites, and advanced intestinal health biomarkers.

Based on this information, you’ll receive personalised supplement recommendations and dietary and lifestyle advice to optimise your gut health.

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SIBO Breath Test

Measures: Methane and hydrogen gasses. Small intestine bacterial overgrowth is thought to be the most common cause of IBS.

Includes an expertly designed SIBO Diet Plan and personalised supplement recommendations from a registered nutritional therapist.

Click here to learn about gut health in my blog series.


Leaky Gut Test

A urine test to assess the integrity of the gut lining. Leaky gut is a common component of numerous chronic health conditions. This test should not be completed in isolation and speak with your healthcare practitioner before choosing to do this test as the key questions would be why do you have leaky gut and thus further testing may be required.