Kettlebell Classes start in Weybridge

A new year a new you!

The Prime Health Kettle Club, set up by StrongFirst certified Justin Buckthorpe, and Alex Manos, is up and running.

Our goal is for you to become a part of the StrongFirst community where we, as students of strength, teach strength because it has a greater purpose. Strength is the glass that other fitness qualities fit in to, and the bigger the glass the more qualities go in.

What is the class all about?

Let’s start with what it is not. We are not hear to beat you. We are not here to make you sick. We are not here to get you doing the sexiest explosive exercises as quickly as possible. You are like us, students of strength and this is our dojo. We focus on:

1. Safe and efficient technique
2. Good judgement around safety
3. Strong spirit

Together we are going to focus on the mastery of kettle bell skills: swings, get-ups, cleans, press, front squat and snatch. 6 exercises drilled to perfection. And along the way a lot of fun, and you have the potential to get in the best shape of your life.

This is a 3 month programme with new challenges set each month for those who want to take part.

SFG – StrongFirst Girya

1. SFG focusses ontension and relaxation within movements. Like martial arts.
2. Some are fast and powerful like swings where as others are slow grinds.
3. We focus a lot on the breath

Why not see for yourself what the StrongFirst community is all about:

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